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The most electric, combo centric, and expressive platform fighter is FREE TO PLAY on Steam!

Choose from 11 unique combatants and master our unique “SPARK” mechanic to pull off ELECTRIC combos! Hone your skills on the online ladder or play with up to 8 friends at a time! Online or locally! Known for its expressive, freeform combat and options for creative movement, Rushdown Revolt is a perfect mix of platform fighter and anime fighter gameplay!


Style – Stance

The Maiden of Chains, born in darkness, assassinates her enemies with Chain and Blade! Swap between her Chain and Blade stances for long reach or quick strikes! A master Reina player knows how to manipulate her two movesets to dominate the battlefield. Harness her dark arts by teleporting to thrown knives to reposition or get that next hit. Don’t let your enemies sleep by switching up your own playstyle in the blink of an eye!

Style – Balance

The Scourge of The Seven Skies commands the battlefield with a healthy mixture of artillery, long reach, and burst movement! Summon a cannon ball from her skyship to aid in battle, or go on the offensive with her forward facing command dash! Charge her attacks to give additional hits and effects to her gunblade, granting her twice as many options for every situation!

Style – Power

Seth conjures the power of lightning to smite his foes in a flash! Lance in hand, he has range comparable to other weapon users, but is geared more towards power. Ride the lightning with pole vault drop kicks and angled dashes to close gaps and secure KOs. Similar to Ashani, his battery system stores charge and releases to enhance special moves! No where on the stage is safe from his super-charged bursts!

Style – Tag-Team

Ever wanted to play as two combatants at once? Now you can! Afigalu is what we call a “Tag-Team” fighter, meaning you control one of them at a time, while the other sits dormant. One soul, two bodies! Swap between them to volley your opponents from yourself to… yourself! Or pick up and throw the dormant one, only to swap to them midair! If you like managing two positions at once and setting up deadly mixups, Afi & Galu (Afigalu) is for you!

Style – Zoner

This intergalactic bounty hunter takes pride in his sharpshooting skills, boasting a wide array of projectiles to control space and snipe weak spots. Those who can micro-manage his ammo system will bring out his full potential. Let your personality shine in how you use his combination of close range combos and long range finishers! Intimidate the opposition with the big iron on your hip…

Style – Rushdown

If you have a burning desire for high octane gameplay, strap in and brace yourself for take-off with the Rocket-powered Rapscallion. Kidd has unique movement options that allow him to combo, chase opponents down, and stop them from recovering. Aerial mobility is where Kidd SHINES! Use his jetpack’s fuel system to hover over enemies or carry them to the blast zone!

Style – Rushdown

With the highest run speed in the game, Ashani is your pick if you want to rush down your opponents with lightning fast mix-ups that lead into devastating finishers! Her battery system allows her to charge up power when dealing damage and release it during special moves for bursts of speed in any direction! Having one of the simpler movesets in the roster, she is perfect for both learning the game AND for showing off your skills!

Style – Balance

Harness the power of the Phoenix! With blade in hand, conquer the land AND sky with Zhurong’s long reaching attacks and stylish aerial movement! Her specials moves allow her to reposition, zone, and KO with the elegance of an emperor! Master her unique red and blue stances to keep opponents guessing and cash in her Phoenix Feathers to unlock her full potential!

Style – Power

The Dragon’s Wrath, Weishan, is the perfect mix of long range and devastating power. He wields a massive glave with a sweet spot on the tip, encouraging you to stay mindful of distance. Dragon’s blood flowing through his veins allows him to sacrifice HP to enhance his special moves! When doing so, he emits a signature red glow, allowing him to control the ground with rising spikes, drift through the air with ease, or literally just explode!

Style – Grappler

She says it herself… DON’T. GET. GRABBED! Urdah is our premier grappler and her boastful warnings with a smile should not be taken lightly. We’ve loaded her kit with all the tools she’ll need to scare you into blocking, only to remind you what she actually wants! From command grabs on the ground AND in the air, to anti-air seismic slams reminiscent of another giant grappler from across the pond… Urdah is your pick if you want to win confidence! (or expose your friends)

Style – Zoner

This Sylvan Sorceress uses magic and incantations, controlling the powers of an enchanted forest to battle her foes! Use a buffet of unique projectiles to keep opponents away as you set up dangerous traps! Summoning her plants is her main game plan. Bait your opponents into them to set up wicked combos!

Title: Rushdown Revolt

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Sports


Vortex Games


Vortex Games

Release Date: 27 Jan, 2021

System Requirements


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: Intel i5 or later
    • Memory: 5 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 9800 or higher
    • Storage: 3 GB available space

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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